Private investigation

In the private sphere

We happy to help you in your personal environment as well as assist you in collecting evidence relevant to both civil or criminal matters and in searching for and seizing possessions. It is particularly important to operate with sensitivity in family situations. Before we start our investigation, we thoroughly discuss and advise you of the risks associated with our work. Only after having clarified the parameters will we begin with our observations and investigations.

In retail trade

Our specialists are more than store detectives. We will provide you with an efficient security concept through targeted analysis of the assignment. We observe discretely and, in certain cases, identify people where there is justified suspicion of theft or fraud. We adhere strictly to the legal process in preparing witness statements and actively contribute to a lawful hearing of evidence. We operate on a result orienttated basis. That means we put our capabilitiesto the test and carry out dummy thefts, unkown to the security staff, to check for weakness, which can then be eliminated. Our detectives in the retail trade are your constant advisors in daily operations. As experienced specialists they are able to quickly identify monitoring weaknesses and thereby ensure permanent optimisation of security arrangements.


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