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The modern and dynamically growing security service company I.S.S. – based in Hamburg – specializes in personal protection, event protection and property protection, as well as in the activities of a detective agency. I.S.S. has been convincing since April 1st, 2000 through professionalism, flexibility and personal commitment. Security and trust stands for I.S.S. at the highest point. Furthermore, discretion, loyalty and seriousness are the standards by which I.S.S. acts and selects the security staff.

All employees in the security service have many years of experience and are always prepared for all dangerous situations.

Security service and personal protection Hamburg

When it comes to personal protection, great consideration is given to individual customer needs. I.S.S. ensures your safety without restrictions. A pre-selected team from I.S.S. at your side. The security guards always do their best because it is important that your event is a success – without nasty surprises. In addition to manpower, I.S.S. also gladly about a suitable technical property protection. Furthermore, I.S.S. You do detective work in the retail sector, on behalf of the employer and in the private sector.

I.S.S. Hamburg - the team for your safety!

I.S.S. develops individual security concepts for you, in which your individual security needs are integrated. The corporate philosophy always includes being prepared for all situations in order to avoid complications in the beginning. In addition, there is a clear advantage in the many years of experience in the security industry and the technically specialized know-how of the employees.

Benefit from and with I.S.S. Security – your team for your security in Hamburg!

Security service & security service in Hamburg - for safe personal protection and property protection

More than 16 years of experience in security, personal protection, guard service and many other related services speak for themselves: The clients and customers of the I.S.S. Security International Security Services in the greater Hamburg area held a large number of events, meetings and major events during this time. The special thing about it: The focus is on excellent results or impressive events. As a security service and personal protection, we have our backs free so that you can concentrate fully on success.

Would you like to get a first impression of how the security service could support you? Then read on and mentally guide us through some of the more common scenarios:
Theft prevention through the security service

Our security service is there if you want to address the target group for fine jewelry, goods or even luxury vehicles directly and yet discreetly. The security service is not only necessary because of the high insurance sums, but also ensures that events run smoothly. One of the main ideas of the security service is that your presentation and the appearance of the products are not impaired: rioters and similar troublemakers are escorted discreetly and also legally secure. This means that the protection of people from a single person at risk is extended to almost the entire event.

The employees in the security service have – similar to their role models at airports such as Hamburg or Frankfurt – extensive training on behavior monitoring. In this way, the security service recognizes the deviating behavior of people who disguise themselves as visitors. The security service works multifunctionally: As a security service and in property protection, it pays attention to the event location around the clock. the property protection thus also fills the gaps that did not allow increased budgets of security organs and police in Hamburg.

Personal Protection: from friendly customer guidance to robust mandates

The security service can also take over the admission control for events and concerts in and around Hamburg. The security service tasks begin long before the event: Our security service can inform you about the most common security features of admission tickets and how you can protect against counterfeiting even at small events in Hamburg thanks to Iosing strips or fluorescent watermarks.

Personal protection accompanies prominent guest speakers and public figures directly in the backstage area so that the event in Hamburg can start even more smoothly. Personal protection also provides the framework for an autograph session, which is a complete success for everyone involved. Personal protection begins with notices to the visitors, continues with security duties and personal protection emergency concepts (evacuation of exposed persons).

"Open house" - not in the warehouse and industrial areas

None of the companies in Hamburg likes to talk about inventory differences. However, it cannot be denied that practically all product categories in wholesaling and retailing have considerable “deadweight potential”. Without a company-independent security service, the mundane creeps into property protection. In contrast to the commissioned security service, an in-house porter often has difficulties in asserting himself: His security services are impeccable, but the random checks of employees when leaving the factory premises? If the property protection is provided by an employee, then, unlike the security, he is in a difficult position: He does not want to and must not spoil things with his superiors and perhaps neglects property protection when the managing director or a department head leaves the warehouse. The security service closes this gap in property protection: He refers to the commissioning of his company and the organizational separation. The security service does not have to fear being called stupid on the next company outing. As a security service, he is not as personally interwoven as an employee who may go through various departments and after completing his training, takes care of the post office, archive and security service at the same time.

The property protection, on the other hand, ends the open day of your warehouse or logistics center in Hamburg. The security service in property protection also wears its own corporate clothing and spreads authority.


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